BB Dental Consulting, Inc. is very happy to be participating with BEST for Dentistry, and we eagerly look forward to helping more dentists all across the nation.

BB Dental Consulting, Inc. is based in Arizona and currently operates in over 48 states with general dentists and every form of dental specialty. Our mission is to help dental practices understand the impact of dental insurance in order to be as efficient as possible in maximizing profits and minimizing write-offs. We believe that by maintaining a strong working relationship with the insurance company, it only enhances new patient flow, saves advertising dollars, and results in increased revenue.  Our philosophy is to focus on the needs of the solo/small group dentist(s) and we are results driven.

Our consulting service includes a unique and comprehensive way of analyzing the impact of dental insurance in the practice. We start by performing a UCR fee analysis and make certain recommendations for any changes to stabilize the UCR fee schedule.  Next, we review the demographics of your practice to determine which insurance companies would benefit your practice location. At that time, we negotiate your current contracted insurance fee schedules. This is an important step.  Just like in the legal arena, dentists need advocates to represent them in negotiations to obtain equitable reimbursement. We then evaluate the entire insurance portion of your practice to determine the performance of each plan and help you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each plan. It may be beneficial for you to drop some plans and join others. Additionally, we negotiate and provide any potential new plans that could possibly benefit your practice. Finally, the delivery of your project includes presenting the findings and recommendations based on the final calculations.

And now, BEST for Dentistry members exclusively get $125 off per project. That’s right, save $125 per project for being a member of BEST for Dentistry. Just mention BEST for Dentistry when you contact us. So whether you are a start-up, contemplating an acquisition, or considering the move to take insurance, contact us. 

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